St. Nicholas Church

We are a young and growing congregation serving the Darnestown-Germantown-North Potomac area of Montgomery County, Maryland. We are a warm and welcoming, come-as-you-are and be-who-you-are kind of congregation, grounded in Scripture and centered in life. And, of course, with a name like St. Nick’s, we have a special affinity for ministry to the youngest among us and a desire to involve them actively in all that we do.

We aspire to be community of myriad diversity anchored by the love of Christ, contained by the Holy Spirit, transcending all divisions. We seek to be a spiritual home for those who have no church to call their own, a safe haven for those who have been hurt by the church, a place of nurture and challenge for all.

A Place to Belong and A Place to Become. Regardless of where you are on your personal journey of faith, you are welcome to share in that which makes us a Christian community: Christ’s unconditional love for us, which we seek to experience in all that we do: in worship, in fellowship, in learning about God and ourselves. But we don’t stop there. We believe that each of us has unique God-given gifts and a unique calling from God, Part of our commitment to those whom God brings to us is to help them discover their gifts and calling, and to learn from you about our own.

Directions to the Church

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