First time giving on line?

After you prayerfully decide how much, how often, and to what fund you want to give…

  1. First time giving on line?

    After you prayerfully decide how much, how often, and to what fund you want to give…

    1. In the 1st row, enter the amount you wish to give in the box.
    2. In the 2nd row, click on the frequency you want to give. Your choices are:
      • One Time. To make a one-time gift, select this option and go to step 3.
      • Recurring: Under recurring you have the option to give monthly, weekly, every two weeks or 1st and 15th monthly. Select an option & choose the day of the month you want your gift to be made.
    3. On the 3rd row, Select a Giving type to which you want your gift to apply.
      • General. If you want gift to go to our general operating fund.
      • Deibel-Mahan Fund.  Our unrestricted reserve fund.
      • Rector’s Discretionary Fund. For pastoral financial assistance.
      • Missioner’s Discretionary Fund. For pastoral financial assistance.
      • Other Designation. If you want your gift to go toward any other pre-approved project, select this option & enter the designation as a memo.
      • Tithe
    4. Next enter your name and email address and click next.
    5. On the following screen you will see a summary of your gift and you can now enter your debit or credit card details. Click Give and you’re done!

FAQ’s About Online Giving At St. Nicholas Church

Is there a processing fee through Pushpay?

Yes. The processing fee which is covered by Saint Nicks. All forms of website-based online giving charge a processing fee.

Do I have to be a St. Nick’s member to make an online donation?

No. Whether you are a St. Nicks member or a FOSNick (friend of St. Nick’s) who believes in our vision of Christian community beyond us/them divisions, you can donate online.

Can I set up a recurring donation?

Yes. Donors may use the donation page to set up either a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Recurring donors may wish to Submit a Giving Estimate in order to let the church know the full amount they intend to give in the current year.

Can I make a donation in honor a friend or loved one?

Yes. Donors may use the “Memo” section on the donation page make a donation in honor of friends or loved ones.

Can I make a designated offering?

Yes. Donors can use the donation page to direct the donation to one of several designated funds approved by the St. Nicholas Vestry. 

What forms of payment are acceptable?

The donation page accepts most debit cards and credit cards, or you may choose to have the funds taken directly from your checking account.

Other Forms of Giving

There are, of course, other ways you can donate to St. Nicholas Church.  These include:

  • Payment by Check.  Checks may be made payable to St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, 15575 Germantown Road, Germantown, MD 20874-3012
  • Online Banking. Most banks now have some form on online, bill-paying service, some of which have processing fees waived under certain conditions. Please consider making your donation regular and automatic.
  • Text To Give. Text saintnicks to 7797. Enter your details and payment method to submit a donation.




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