The Giving Estimate form has two parts:  Part 1 – Time & Talent and Part 2 – Financial.

Section 1 – Time & Talent: Complete and submit this section for each member of the household old enough to volunteer time and talent for any ministry. Note: You may have to submit several copies of the form to cover your entire household.

Section 2 – Financial. Complete and submit this section once for each person who wishes to make and fulfill their own separate financial giving estimate (e.g., parent & child separately, spouses separately). Note: You may have to submit several copies of the form to cover your entire household.

Need help discerning?  Try these Six Steps in Discerning Your Giving.
Need help calculating percentage of income? Try this Giving Calculator.
Got questions about proportional giving? Click here.

After prayerful discernment, I/our household has prayerfully discerned to give of my/our time, talent, and treasure with God and through St. Nick’s as follows:

A Few Thoughts About Giving Estimates

Intended as Discernment. Your Giving Estimates are intended to be your prayerful discernment of what God is calling you to give of your time, talent, and treasurer to further God’s ministry at and through St. Nicholas Church, and what your circumstances permit.

Covers a Calendar Year.  Your Giving Estimates are intended to cover an entire calendar year, so that church leadership can exercise good stewardship of the resources of time, talent, and treasure entrusted to them by the people of the parish.

Changeable as Needed. Your Giving Estimates can be changed and resubmitted any time your circumstances require a decrease or permit a desired increase.

Ministry Areas & Guilds

Christian Formation
◊ Children’s Chapel
◊ Nursery
◊ Godly Play
◊ Messy Church
◊ Youth Group

◊ Local (Germantown HELP)
◊ International (El Hogar/Episcopal Relief & Development)
◊ Visiting Communion Ministry (Genesis Rehab Center)

◊ Acolyte Guild (carry cross, light candles, etc.)
◊ Altar Guild (prepare the altar area)
◊ Chalicers (distribute the wine at communion)
◊ Lectors (read scriptures & prayers)
◊ Vergers (master of ceremonies)

Finance, Administration, Human Resources
◊ FAHR Planning Team (Finance, Administration, Human Resources)

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