In order to help our parish better live into our aspiration to be “A Place to Become” as well as “A Place to Belong,” our mission is to facilitate growth in discipleship by using Jesus both as our model and our foundation for discipleship across the ages and needs of the community.

What We Have Learned (over the last quarter):

  • Summer G.P. Godly Play continuing through the summer with the Saint was worthwhile and fun.
  • Messy Elementary. Adding an adult component to Messy Church has also been successful, we are looking at expanding into an elementary “pajama” option so to include more adults.
  • Works in Progress. Reworking the “Holy Play” and “Respite Areas” have fostered better use of the worship time for families and better sound dynamics for the congregation as a whole.
  • Topics in Discipleship Gaining Traction. Our new “Topics in Discipleship” program is slowly gaining traction and affords a monthly opportunity to dig deeper in our faith.

What we are currently working on:

  • Formation on Schedule. Setting up a new monthly, Sunday schedule of formation, including an off-site opportunity which might be more welcoming to people unaffiliated with church.
  • Expanding the Talent Pool. Growing our teacher pool for our Godly Play ministry.
  • God is Moving at St. Nick’s – An Invitation. We are inviting the congregation to examine where God is moving on a daily basis and post it on social media and bring that information to church to post on a literal wall.

What is upcoming for the next quarter (Advent/Christmas):

  • New Christian Formation Team Leader. We are happy to announce that Lissa Eng has accepted Fr. Ken’s call to lead the Christian Formation Ministry Planning Team.
  • A.A.K. Rides Again. We will have our Random Acts of Advent Kindness again this December.
  • Lions, Witches, and Wardrobes. We are inviting the congregation into an intergenerational book study of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the month of November.
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About St. Nick. We will are looking at revamping St. Nicholas Day to use it as both a day of celebration and more formation around the life, ministry and model of Nicholas.
  • Parents’ Night Out? We are exploring the possibility of a “Parents’ Night Out” on Dec. 19th with a Jesse Tree theme. It will serve as both a ministry to parents and an opportunity to teach the readings and music for the early, interactive Christmas Eve service.
  • Bring on the Wise Men. We are planning to have our annual Epiphany Pageant.

Opportunities for Engagement:

We are hoping the people of St. Nick’s and our surrounding community will get involved through

  • Participating in our various formation offerings. Contact: Lissa Eng.
  • Teaching-Facilitating-Helping. Discerning your might be called to teaching or leading our young people: Godly Play, Messy Church, Parents’ Night Out, or Epiphany Pageant. Contact: Lissa Eng.

Seasonal Offerings. During Lent and at other times during the church year, we are often looking for people to host or facilitate Bible study, retreats, or discussion groups.


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