The Message: The Importance of Being Earnest (or at least transparent)

The Message


                                               OR AT LEAST TRANSPARENT…

By The Rev. Ken Howard

Nature abhors a vacuum (or so they say), and this seems especially true in times of transition. Not knowing where things are going makes people anxious, and unless you add information to the mix, anxiety festers.

Which is why I have always been a firm believer in transparency. In times of congregational transition, there are no such things as TMI (too much information) and TMP (too much prayer). In fact, it is the lack of these two things that makes most attempts at organizational change fail.

And so it was that a few weeks ago, the wardens and I redoubled our efforts at communication and prayer, taking the following actions:

Sharing among ourselves any questions/concerns we had recently heard from parishioners regarding the transition or search, and re-committing to sharing what we hear specifically and regularly.

Asking other members of the vestry for any questions/concerns they had heard (or they had).

Updating our Transitions at St. Nick’s FAQ sheet to include those exact questions and concerns, and straightforward and updated answers to them. You will find these on the entry table or you can read them here. 

Encouraging vestry members and all leaders to two stay up-to-date on transition information, and to quickly find answers to information they don’t already know.

Encouraging parishioners to stay informed about transition information by reading their emails.

Encouraging parishioners to go directly to the source with questions they might have (none of us bite…that we know of).

Continue to have regular meetings with the congregation about the transition. The next meeting will take place this Sunday. Fr. Ken will stick around after the service for a roundtable discussion with anyone who wants to ask questions about the transition (we used to call these discussions “Hector the Rector”). So please read your Transitions FAQ and stick around after the service for discussion.

See you Sunday!

In Christ,



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